Amazon Boxes EVERYWHERE!

Lately I think our family has made it our mission to personally ensure the success of Amazon as a business. There is a stack of empty Amazon boxes piled up in the corner of my bedroom waiting to be flattened and stored, and every time I turn around, another package arrives via UPS or Federal Express or in the mail. Just about the time I think everything we’ve ordered has arrived, we remember something else we need.

It’s not that we’re big spenders. Just the opposite, in fact. But living in a small rural community has it’s disadvantages. Even though we have a Wal-mart in town and most of the major franchises within a 20 mile drive of us, these are smaller stores with limited stock. If I want something special or a specific brand, chances are I’m going to have to order it. And where can you find the best prices online anymore? It just happens to be Amazon.

I saw a program where an Amazon representative was hinting at the possibility of drone delivery at some point in the not-so-distant future. If you hear a story about a drone crashing into a house in East Texas carrying Amazon packages some time, laugh, because it’s probably my house!


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